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“The writer Stefan Zweig said that the artist is in a space of transition, outside the real world, when he is in the process of creating an artwork. In my working process, it is essential to find the point of losing control of construction to get an open mind, where creativity is in flow. 


My works are created in an intuitive way with my primary media paper.


Energy, fluid and fragmented elements and craft skills characterise my work constantly. I am inspired by architecture, fashion, photography and the social media. It is my aim to create objects to make you feel happy and fresh. I think art must always tell us what is beautiful, eternal, transcendental.”



Lili Mascio, Multimedia Visual Artist




“Lili Mascio’s work emphasises the cycle of life, often represented by a process of decomposition and reconstruction. Creating a new reality made of fragments, she recreates a puzzle by putting chaos into order and therefore exposing the ephemeral nature of human existence. Close to her aesthetic approach, there is a precision in her brand new series of collages which mirrors the deep essence of her work. Lili Mascio is creating mixed media works which are distinctive for their crystalline structures, geometrical, repetitive forms and vibrant colours.” 



Dr. Barbara Aust-Wegemund, Art Historian

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